A Guide to Hunting Camouflage

Hunting activity began a long time ago in the history and is still practiced today in some countries. The process of hunting involves pursuing game animals for food, trade or recreation. Different tools such as nets, traps, snares, and guns are used to hunt game animals. Any experienced hunter knows that camouflage clothing is vital when tracking game. The game has exceptional instincts of escaping from their enemies and hunters need to adopt several camouflage techniques to succeed in their catch. Camouflage clothing enables the hunters to blend with the wild environment and cannot be detected by game. Acquiring the camouflage gear may be cumbersome to may hunters. Many retailers sell quality camo gear that has a unique design for game hunting and concealment of the hunter. The camouflage gear specially designed to conceal the human fragrance that may scare away the game. Some of the camouflage gear include hats, shirts, vests, pants, and boots.
One of the camouflage clothing is the ghillie suit that is covered with twig-like or leave-like strips of clothing. The ghillie suit is designed in a way that will similarly respond to the wind direction as the surrounding environment. Hunters can request for a customized gillie suit depending on their target game and the weapons they use. The ghillie suit makes the hunter's outline look like a three-dimensional camo and not as a linear breakup. The 3D style camouflage creates a life-like illusion with a near and far visual sensation that conceals the hunter from being spotted by the game.

Proper hunting apparel will automatically transform your hunting adventure into a successful activity. The safety of the hunter is paramount since the hunter may become the hunted. The hunter should wear a blaze orange vest to reduce incidences of hunting shooting accidents. Blaze orange camouflage helps in creating a distinction between the hunter and the game target. Orange camo doesn't necessarily affect the hunter's concealment mainly if the target game is deer, elk or moose which have dichromatic vision.  See 3D Camo here for more details.

Many hunters also prefer camouflaging their weapons and gear to increase the effectiveness of the blending. There are many products available to help conceal almost every part of a hunters gear. Nowadays, there has been a significant improvement of camouflage products including vehicles, weapons, and clothing. Manufactures of camo gear have incorporated scent lock design fabrics which include 3D realistic patterns that are affordable. The camouflage clothing will make your hunting trip worthwhile.
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