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How to Pick the Right Ghillie Suits for Hunting

The ghillie suits are the ultimate camouflage tool, and as such, there is no end to their variations. You can pick from designs that range from twigs to leaves to moss and mud. However, if you have set your heart on buying a suit of your own, take the time to figure out the kind of suit that best suits your needs. It is more than just getting the right size.  See 3D Camo at this link to get started.

Ghillie suits camouflage the person wearing them by disrupting the human form and copying the colors of the surrounding environment. From this alone, you could gather some of the factors involved in choosing a good suit- aside from buying one that fits, you have to choose the color and vegetation which will match the terrain you anticipate to be on. A leafy green foliage will not be of great help in a desert environment which is predominantly browns and yellows.

In case you feel that you have to mimic an environment more accurately, feel free to purchase a ghillie suit and personalize it accordingly.

You will want to buy a ghillie suit which fits your plan. In case you intend to sit, stalk or squat, the ghillie poncho is the best option. This design covers your body while still giving your legs freedom of movement. This is critical if you want to move fast from one location to another, as in airsoft or paintball.

Conversely, you will need something different in case you plan to crawl or lie on the ground. Ponchos are not ideal as they tend to bunch up and get in your way. The best alternative is a fitted two-piece suit made of a matching jacket and pants.

Whichever option you pick, look for the suit that will provide you with a certain degree of comfort. In case you want to crawl, think of selecting suits which are padded at the front to making lying on the ground more comfortable. Also, to avoid accidents when moving through foliage or crawling, consider utilizing Velcro on your suit rather than buttons or zippers. In the same manner, choose ones which have pockets on the inside. You do not want your suit to make unnecessary noise or catch on twigs as you move.  See 3D Camo here for more details.

Also, think of the weight of your suit. Ghillie suits may weigh as heavy as 10 lbs or as light as 2 lbs. You could pile a lot of foliage on the suit, but the trade-off is that a heavy outfit could be burdensome on your body in the long term.
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